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BR - 2/6/14 10:08 AM
lucasamado: Personal help me please I'm a little lost
US - 2/8/14 11:00 PM
Morbidraccoon: @lucasamado - What do you need help with? Most simple answers can be located in the help section or FAQ.
US - 2/8/14 11:00 PM
Morbidraccoon: @thecoolestyet - Paypal, more shall be added soon.
US - 2/27/14 8:25 AM
Severane: Two questions. 1-Is the paypal instant? 2-Does it use your account email or can i input another email because my two emails are different
US - 3/3/14 4:47 PM
Morbidraccoon: @Severane - Yes, you may use a separate email, as long as it isn't registered to any other accounts Paypal. The Paypal payment is also every 24 hours!
BR - 3/15/14 12:49 PM
FelipeRocha: How do I click and give this after winning the $ 10?
US - 3/17/14 4:22 AM
Morbidraccoon: @FelipeRocha - The funds appear on your account if you indeed won, then you can cash out via Paypal.
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Dec 1, 2012 at 03:52 PM

Due To Real Life Issues, I became Suddenly Busy And Couldn't Update The Site Too Much! I had Legal troubles that have finally been resolved. So I am back and ready! December offers contest has been added. Prizes are decent, will get higher as we get more members that are active and the site becomes more profitable! Over 800 offers added today, will add more when I get around to it, have to update affiliate informations. I have been advertising the site and posting deals on random forums so expect new members! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND HAPPY EARNINGS! GOOD LUCK ON THE CONTEST!

Apr 27, 2012 at 03:44 PM

Currently a new template costing roughly 900$ is being installed here on Quick Dollar GPT! We will have a custom member's page, offers page, homepage, and much more! Along with all of these new things in the layout, I have gotten some custom banners installed! While all of this is taking place, I will be adding many offers to the PTSU and PTC sections for maximum earnings. Keep in mind, you are free to earn & cash out while all of this takes place! Hurry; come get your piece of the pie while it's fresh! ;) There is plenty to go around.